About GTB

Gestalt Therapy Brisbane has combined the resources of both The Gestalt Association of Queensland Inc (GAQI) and the Brisbane Gestalt Institute (BGI).

The Brisbane Gestalt Centre was established in 1980 by Yaro Starak, and in partnership with Maria Vogt it developed into the Brisbane Gestalt Institute (BGI).

The Gestalt Therapy and Training Centre established by Mac Hamilton offered its first programme in 1991. In 1997 the Centre was formed into an Incorporated not for profit Association, the Gestalt Association of Queensland Inc. and offered programmes accredited by the Minister for Education Queensland.

Gestalt Therapy Brisbane is committed to ethical practice and teaching.

The Institute is a member of GANZ (Gestalt Australia and New Zealand), an association of Gestalt therapists and practitioners.

Gestalt Therapy Brisbane promotes the growth and development of individuals, groups and the community.


Our aim is to enable students to develop their unique therapeutic style and make use of their creative abilities as human beings.



  Transition Puzzle

Artist Bekky Buchanan

The four puzzle pieces represent the two institutes, the Brisbane Gestalt Institute and the Gestalt Association of Queensland Inc in transition, merging into one.

The blank or fertile void piece represents a fresh blank canvas for Gestalt Therapy Brisbane to form and create something new.

We are all a part of the puzzle! and of course the whole is greater than the sum of its parts…

Gestalt Therapy Brisbane

P.O. Box 116 Holland Park 4121

Tel: 07 3324 2435

Email: contact@gestaltinstitute.com.au


Dr Greer White

Managing Director, GTB
College Member of GANZ

Greer is an experienced Gestalt therapist, supervisor, group facilitator and educator. She received her Gestalt training with the Gestalt Association of Queensland Inc. Greer has an education and welfare background with experience in working with young people at risk and those who have been abused or suffered trauma. Her doctoral studies focused on adolescent masculine development. She works with individuals, couples and groups in therapy, supervision and group facilitation. She works as a contracted consultant and educator to teachers and leadership teams within schools.


G. Forrest James

Director, GTB
Clinical Member of GANZ

Forrest is psychotherapist, supervisor, trainer and organisational consultant. He has twenty years experience as a helping professional in the fields of trauma, relationship and family issues, men’s issues, alcohol and drug dependence, supervision, and management consulting. He has held teaching positions at the three Australian Universities. He has a particular interest in the intersections of gestalt, relational approaches in psychotherapy, current advances in neurobiology, and their application in helping relationships.