Hair Styles for Recovering Cancer Patients

Effective Hair Styles for Recovering Cancer Patients

Being diagnosed with cancer can be one of the most life-changing events of a person’s life. Not only can this debilitating illness be a real game-changer, it can take a huge toll on a person’s confidence; especially while they are being treated. Treatments such as chemotherapy are notorious for hair loss, so thinking about hair styles might be at the back of a sufferer’s thought processes – but what about when they overcome their condition and are able to enjoy hair growth once again?

Hair styles for recovering cancer patients

Chemotherapy will often completely eradicate hair follicles from a person’s head – regardless of where the cancer is located. But over time and in 96% of cases, a recovering patient should be able to enjoy their hair growing back. Although most hair types will grow at a rate of 1 to 5mm per month resulting in months of waiting before a hairdresser can help; there’s nothing to say that short couldn’t be the way forward.

Just think of a few famous celebrities. The likes of Rihanna, Katy Perry and Amber Rose. These leading ladies are all either enjoying the benefits of a short hair style right now, or have done in the past. In this day and age there’s no longer a stigma revolving around which sex can wear what style, in fact men have been growing their hair long for years and women have been doing the opposite for just as long.

So, which types of styles are available for recovering men and women in particular?

The Mohawk

Most people’s hair will grow more fully in the centre of their heads and this is why people can maintain hair styles based around this area well into the future. A Mohawk isn’t just a style found within UK hair salons and those around the world; it’s a testament of strength and durability.


Sometimes hair can take a little bit longer to regrow and in these cases there are typically two options. The first is to conceal the hair loss with a wig, or a similar variant provided by professional hairdressers. The second is to make the most of the shorter regrowth. Plenty of women are able to pull of the ‘stubble’ look and those that do often find themselves being complemented for their style and confidence.

False Hair Treatments

If the idea of short hair really is unbearable, then it might be a better option to have a professional hair stylist implement false hair to your head. They can do so as quickly and easily as with wigs, or as extensively as when using extensions (although at least some hair will be needed in these cases). Why shouldn’t a sufferer get to enjoy the full functionality of their hair – and if not their own; someone else’s. False hair can be an ideal solution for those without their own length and volume and many UK hair salons will specialise in these types of services.