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Everyone enjoys gardening, but the only view of them truly understand how to do gardening, here some suggestions gardening for a novice that may assist you.


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March is when things start to get hectic for the undercover garden enthusiast now the days are getting longer and the temperatures rising. In my heated greenhouse, the citrus fruits are merely starting to make brand-new growth, which suggests it’s a great time to pot them into larger pots if required. As citrus choose slightly acidic conditions, I utilise a mix of John Innes and ericaceous garden compost which fits them well.

In the polytunnel, I’m potting chitted potato tubers into small pots. This is an excellent way to start them into development ready for planting in the garden or potting into bigger pots in a few weeks. It enables you to start growing in a small space.


To have an excellent and routine supply of fresh salad crops for as much of the year as possible, seeds need to be sown regularly. Ideally, a small amount of grain ought to be planted every 2 or three weeks for a constant supply. Lettuce and other salad leaves that were scattered in cell trays in February need to be large sufficient now to plant out to grow on.

As the weather condition slowly warms up, they will, and in merely a few weeks you can begin selecting. If you can, try to enter the habit of sowing more seeds each time you plant out. That way you will never be without lettuce to pick.


In March the daytime temperature levels on warm days can be heated in a polytunnel, although at night they drop and can be cold. Regardless of this, the soil will now be heating up which indicates you can now start to show an excellent selection of veggies straight into the prepared border. Carrots, radish, beetroot, spring onions, peas and turnips can be sown.

After raking the soil to produce a fine seedbed, get shallow drills around 1.5-2cm (1⁄2 -3 ⁄ 4in) deep and plant the seeds very finely along the row. Cover over with damp soil and gently rm. To settle the land, water lightly and cover over the ground with a sheet of fleece until the seedlings begin to press through.


To be able to pick your tomatoes, peppers and aubergines as early in the summer as possible, a seed needs sowing early. It implies having a heated propagator to be able to germinate the seed and warm growing conditions to grow on the seedlings. February planted seed will now have sprouted, and the seedlings need to be punctured out before they get too large.

The ideal time to pick out is the two-leaf stage. Thoroughly loosen up the roots and manage the seedlings with their seed leaves, not the stem. Transplant separately into small pots of compost, water in and grow on in a light warm greenhouse or conservatory where you can maintain a temperature level of 10C (50F) during the night.


The water policy in your garden must be easily reachable so you can be watering your plants quickly. And the most crucial things is you ought to concentrate on the security of the plumbing professionals you need to make sure and have inspected it.

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